Comune di Reggio Emilia

Comune di Reggio Emilia

Why TEDx in Reggio Emilia

Because in Reggio Emilia “crisis” represent an opportunity, a push to overcome a critical situation, a drive to gather all the strengths of the town sharing the mutual objective of creating innovation and growth towards new economic, social and cultural development. Because the Comune of Reggio Emilia, co-promoter of the event, has identified strong and distinctive qualities on which to focus on, in order to concentrate and coordinate resources, investing in research and knowledge. Because Reggio Emilia is an open, dynamic city, devoted to the internationalisation of its productivity, thanks to the high level of exports companies in the district make. Because Reggio Emilia has the TAV high speed rail link passing through its railway station is in the heart of the Po Valley (40 minutes from Milan, 20 minutes from Bologna) making the city an ideal strategic location in view of Expo 2015. Because we are creating a big Park of Knowledge, a campus that will host University laboratories, research and development centres of the most important companies in the district, to generate an area where there will be a high level of innovation. An area of the city (150,000m²) able to attract skill and resources and to drive the economy of the city itself. Because the collaboration with the Reggio Children Ray of Light Atelier, at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, will offer the companies present in the Park of Knowledge, the opportunity to experience unique and unexpected paths of innovation and creativity.

TEDx a Reggio Emilia…

Because we are aware that today nobody can make it on their own. Because at the core of every big project there’s an idea of a town based on the cohesion of the community and founded on the people.

The Venue

The Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, promoted by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Istituzione Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres, Reggio Children and the Foundation Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi, is a great project that promotes research and innovation on the contents and processes of education in various fields of knowledge. A space open to the city, with Exhibitions, Ateliers, Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Meetings and Food. An international venue in dialogue with the future, all ages, different cultures and ideas. Follow “Centro Internazionale Loris Malaguzzi” on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube