Riccardo Staglianò


He is the organiser of TEDxReggioEmilia. A journalist, he started his career writing articles on how the internet was changing our world. For more than ten years he’s worked at La Repubblica, broadened his field, covering themes as diverse as David Foster Wallace, the lost archives of Wittgenstein and the war chronicle of Narcos in Ciudad Juárez. He was in Tahrir Square (in English Liberation Square or Martyr Square) when the devolution in Egypt started where he filmed, edited and sent video updates. For ten years he’s been teaching theory and technology of the new media at Roma Tre University. Early in his career, in 2001, he won the Premio Ischia for the best young international journalists.

Laura Credidio

An architect and marketing and communication expert. She worked for 15 years in the ceramic tile industry, of which 10 as marketing manager for the leading companies in the sector. Now freelance, she works with companies, organisations and individuals. In constant and stable balance between logics and creativity, research and experience, sense and sensibility. www.lauracredidio.com

Elena Codeluppi

social media marketing
She deals with tools for managing the team and storytelling. For the communication agency Hicadv responsible for editing content for the web and social media, designing new websites and marketing operations planning. He began to develop a natural interest in sustainable and social communication, possibly reflecting of sustained attendance of agency colleagues. www.hicadv.it

Letizia Chianello

creativity and brand image
Graphic designer and illustrator, working for the agency of communication Hicadv of Reggio Emilia and as a freelancer for associations, private and friends. After the University of the Project has worked with various studios: Studio Blanco, Egg and Framedealer, but also with the Stylist Francesca Davoli for magazines. Draw with passion visions of green marketing and willingly embraces social projects. Blog: www.bonkiettina.wordpress.com

Sergio Occhipinti

web content manager
"From Sicily with Van" in Reggio Emilia arrives to attend the three-year degree in Communications and Marketing, and then continue with the Master in Strategy and Business Communication. Here he was able to learn the basics of web developing that will lead to several collaborations, most of them abroad.

Silvia Bonezzi


She deals with economic development and Universities for the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. Graduated in Law combines legal training with planning and organizational functions. The journey is its natural size, combined with the passion and love for his country, the extraordinary land of Emilia.

Ivano Oddi

Born in London, Ivano worked as a journalist for 8 years before studying marketing for 12 years and focussing on a career in the automotive industry. He now lives and works in Italy.

Giulia Galante

organization office
Degree in "Sciences of the Culture" at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, passionate about social phenomena and communication, is deepening further her education with a degree in "Advertising, Publishing and Creative Business."

Francesco DeVincentis

Francesco De Vincentis, Cilentano of birth, he graduated in Arts journalism at the University of Salerno and is currently enrolled at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia to the degree in "Advertising, Publishing and Creation of 'Company. "It 'an amateur photographer, an aspiring creative and curious professional.

Vincenzo Bua

Calabrese by birth but with arbëreshë influences, Vincenzo Bua has a degree in Intercultural Communication and Multimedia at the University of Pavia and is currently enrolled in the program in "Advertising, Publishing and Creative Business" at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Amateur musician, has in writing, especially in poetry, his outlet, which resulted in the publication of a book "Stories of a crazy normal"

Carlotta Quadrelli

Born in Biella, graduated from DAMS of Bologna with a thesis on shockvertising, has always been passionate about music, entertainment, and communication. Push the creative and cultural stimuli of a bustling city as the capital of Emilia, she decided to further her skills by enrolling in the masterful "Advertising, Publishing, and Creativity di'Impresa" in Reggio Emilia.

Giuliano Zanettini

event fotography

Giuliano Zanettini (Reggio Emilia, 1971) has been a professional photographer since 1992. He started his career as a unit still photographer in the film industry before specialising in taking photographs for catalogues, in particular for the fashion and corporate industry. His many prestigious projects include work for the MaxMara Fashion Group, Giochi Preziosi and Credem Banca. In 2006 he was nominated president of the La Fabbrica dell'Immagine [The Image Factory] association. He has taken part as an exhibitor in 6 editions of Fotografia Europea and collections of his works are currently on display in various Italian cities, including Roma, Barga, Torino and Ancona.

Elena Fantini

contribution photo
For Elena Fantini photography is not a profession but a passion that drives you to see beyond the visible. It is much more than a way to stop the memories with a photograph can tell stories, express feelings, or even make real what is only part of his imagination. Site Link: www.elenafantini.com/

Alberto Maestri

social media marketing
Degree in Marketing, has lived in Paris studying at the Université Paris 13 and working in a web agency. Editor Ninja Marketing, collaborate on business projects 2.0 with different realities. It 'was one of 25 people worldwide to Weave the Future 2011, organized by the Marzotto Group. In moments of discouragement think about the words of a former professor of advertising, that being paranoid is not a defect, rather.

Irene Russo

creativity and brand image
Irene Russo did not know that would make a copy while you graduated in Classics. Law dictionaries on the couch, at the bar stories, blogs in office. His mother continues to wonder how he has learned to read if no one taught it to him, the teacher believed that looking at the pictures speak for itself. Irene Russo's heard this story two hundred thousand times. Blog:

Elena Davoli


She works in the Municipality of Reggio Emilia since 1982 and still has not tired or lost motivation. Management role within the Economic Development and Regional Marketing. Believes that creativity and imagination are essential levers to save us from the banality and monotony. She likes cats.

Saverio Serri

Is responsible for strategic planning and economic development for the city of Reggio Emilia. PhD in History, he studied in Rome, Washington, Lucca and Boston, but he always returned home. The board of directors of EmiliaRomagnaCamp believe in self and collective intelligence. It prefers full to empty the city to the countryside, the proposal to criticism. @ SAVESERRI

Alessandro Ferretti

organization office
He studied Communication Sciences in Reggio Emilia and has worked for a while 'as a web designer. He has a passion for American culture and leisure game to make the film-maker, also for "Do it yourself" and loves crafts and manual labor.

Annamaria Rea

organization office
She graduated in Communication Sciences, currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Strategy and Business Communication at the 'University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. He is interested in issues related to communication and organizational relationships. During his training has created an experimental project on the integration of immigrants through the communication relationship. It 'a passion for film and TV series Americans and the French.

Irene Stagnati

Irene Stagnati graduated in Communication Science at the University of Turin and is now attending the last year of the masterful "advertising, publishing and corporate creativity" in Reggio Emilia. Involved in social, is interested and actively participates in events for years of culture and communication. Relational and organizational activities are his passion.

Alberto Matarrese


Bari by birth, but a citizen of the European soul, an engineering student of industrial management at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. He likes to travel, think that sometimes bring their nose outside the confines of the house is relished a challenge, an adventure, but above all an interesting comparison with themselves and the world that will give a better approach to life.

Laura Amadori

Degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Bologna, is deepening their training with the Master in Strategy and Business Communication at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. She is curious and passionate about everything related to the world of communication. She has worked for the realization of various events both corporate and cultural and loves to write. Her motto is: "If you want something in life get busy and get it."

Laura Tamburella

event fotography
Laura Tamburrella (Lecce, 1981) is currently fulfilling her passion for photography in Reggio Emilia, a town that gives her ample possibility to realise her enthusiasm for conveying life and dreams on film. She recently took part in Fotografia Europea (2012), with her work "Colori sospesi, un racconto di gioco e di speranze in una favelas brasiliana" [“Suspended colours, a tale of play and hope in the Brazilian Favelas”]. Chosen by Canon as one of 12 Italian photographers for the Italia Loves Emilia concert, she is currently working on projects in collaboration with Fabbrica dell'Immagine.

Ornella Mazzola

contribution photo
Palermo by birth, Roman by adoption, and Palermo again when he needs to breathe. He is starting his own photographic work in the world of social reportage and photojournalism, working with some agencies as a freelancer. When it concerns a photo he took, can not figure out how he wanted it to be the world at that exact moment. Photography is decisive. Show on Monti district of Rome Show the neighborhood Congo Capaci (PA)